Creating a New e-Mail Message

To create a new e-mail message you can either use the New  button at the top right of the Outlook window and choose Mail Message, click your right mouse button on a Contact and choose New Message to Contact from the menu that appears or open a Contact and click on the New Message to Contact  icon .  You can also create a new message using your keyboard by holding down CTRL and SHIFT and M all together.

To create a new message using the New button, click on the arrow to the right of the New button so that a menu drops down as shown below.

Keep your mouse pointer over this menu and move down it until Mail Message is highlighted in blue as shown.  If you have kept your mouse button held down, release it over the selected item to activate it or otherwise click on the item to open the New Message window. 

The New Message window appears as below

The top white line will contain the name of the person you are sending your message to. You can either type their e-mail address (e.g. into this box or click on the To.. button and choose a name from an address book.  When you click on the To.. button you will see a window like the one below.

If you work for a company that uses an Outlook Exchange server you will see a drop-down list at the top right which allows you to choose an address list stored on the server or your own personal address book.  If you are using Outlook on a standalone computer then you will normally only have the one Contacts list to choose from although you may have extra list if you are using Outlook Small Business Customer Manager.

You can click on the grey arrow to the right of the address book box at the top right-hand corner of the window to display the available address books. When you have selected an address book from this list the entries will be shown in the list on the left-hand side of the window.

Click on a name from the list on the left and then click the To -> button to add it to the list of people receiving the message.  The Cc -> button can be used to send copies to other people and the Bcc -> button for sending copies to people without letting the To-> or Cc-> recipients see that they have received a copy.

When you have placed the correct names in the recipient boxes, click the OK button and you will be returned to your message.

You can now type a Subject  for your message, this can be read from the Inbox of the recipient without them opening your message.  If you do not include a subject, the recipient may be worried that they have received a virus or spam  (junk) mail so it is a good idea to include a relevant, helpful subject line. Message rules can be used to sort messages by subject so if you always included a certain phrase in the subject of messages about a certain topic then the recipient could automatically sort them into a relevant folder. 

Type the text of your message in the area at the bottom of the window, it is helpful to include your name and maybe a telephone number although the recipient should be able to reply to you automatically by e-mail using the Reply button if your system is set up correctly.

The message received by Fred Smith is shown below.  None of the other recipients were aware that he had received a copy as he was sent a blind copy.

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