First, click on the Tools menu and choose Accounts:

A window now appears as below.

Make sure the Mail tab has been selected and then click on the Add button and choose the Mail option.

Type in the name you want displayed on your e-mails and click the Next button to continue.

Enter your e-mail address and click the Next button.

Enter your POP3 and SMTP server details as given by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Click the Next button.

Enter your username and password given to you by your ISP.  If you don't want to be asked for your password each time you use Outlook, make sure that the Remember Password box contains a tick.

Choose the method you wish to use to connect to the Internet, this will probably be via your phone line unless you are on a local area network. Now click the Next button.  If you are using a network to connect you will see a message telling you that you have set up your account, if you are using your phone line you will see the window below:

Make sure the name of the modem you want to use is displayed in the box and click the Next button.

Enter the telephone number you dial to connect to your ISP.  You will probably need to remove the tick beside Dial using area code and country code.  If you need to enter your Primary and Secondary DNS servers, click on the Advanced button but this is not normally necessary.

Enter your dial-up networking username and password given to you by your ISP and click the Next button.

Give your Internet connection a name so that you will know which connection it is - it is possible to have more than one connection on your computer.  Now click the Next button.

You have now set up your Internet connection.  Click the Finish button.

You have now returned to your mail account setup window and can see your new account listed.

Click on the Close button to return to your main Outlook window.

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