Understanding your E-mail Folder Columns

You will see a variety of symbols beside your e-mails in your Inbox and Sent Items folder marking the status and special features of messages, these are shown below.

The envelope in the second column changes to indicate the status  of an e-mail message. The possible variations are as follows: 

E-mail has not been read

E-mail has been read

E-mail has been replied to

E-mail has been forwarded

The other columns in the folder show the sender of the e-mail, the subject and the time and date it was received.  You can add extra columns to folders by clicking your right mouse button over any of the grey column headings and selecting Field Chooser  from the menu that appears as below: 

When you have chosen this item the field chooser window will appear and you can drag items into the column heading area to a dd new columns.

To s ort your columns you simply have to click on the grey header at the top of the column you want sorted. This will alternately sort ascending and descending as you click. If you accidentally click a column heading and can’t see all your recent e-mails (e.g. you have accidentally sorted by sender’s name), simply click on the top of the received column until it is sorted with most recent e-mails at the top.

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