Setting Flags

If you want to chase up a response to a message then it is useful to set a flag. Our example message has a flag set for it to be followed up by 30 May 2003.  To set a flag, you simply need to click on the red flag icon at the top of the message window while you are creating it and you will see the window below.

There are several options for the type of action you might want to flag and you can set a due date if you want to.  You may just want to flag a message ‘Do not forward’ or similar to prevent people sending unnecessary e-mails.

When you have flagged a message to somebody you can open their contact details to see details of all the e-mails you have sent them and whether any were flagged. The window below shows Michelle Dolittle’s activity  contents with the e-mails selected, the e-mail that was flagged is shown with a red flag beside it.

To mark the flagged task as completed, double-click on the e-mail to open the sent e-mail and then click on the flag icon as you did to set the flag and check the Completed box.

When you look at the activities section of that contact after completing the flagged task, the associated flag will be white instead of red. You can also view flagged e-mails by clicking on the Sent Items folder where you will see a red flag in the column beside any e-mails that have had flags set.

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