Creating a Distribution List

If you need to regularly e-mail a certain group of people you can set up a Distribution List to make this easier. The Distribution List  will be stored in your personal Outlook Address Book under Contacts and you will be able to select it from here when you need to e-mail the group members. 

To create a Distribution List, click on the arrow to the right of the New button and choose Distribution List from the menu that appears, alternatively you can use the File drop-down menu and choose New and then Distribution List or hold down the CTRL and SHIFT and L keys together. 

When you create a new Distribution List a window appears as below where you can give your list a name and select the members.

Click on the Select Members button and you will be able to choose the people to add to the list in the same way as you do when creating an e-mail.

You can change the address book you are using while you are creating the Distribution List by using the drop-down box in the top right corner of the window.  It does not matter if your addresses are from a mixture of different address books. 

When you have selected all the names you require, click on the OK button and you will be returned to the Distribution List window which will show a list of all the group members. Click on the Save and Close button at the top of the window and your list will be created.  You can see the list by viewing your Outlook Contacts folder.  The Distribution List is denoted by a group of heads beside it. 

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