Deleting E-Mails

If you do not want to keep an e-mail, you can delete it by either clicking on the subject line in the Inbox and pressing the Del key or clicking on the delete icon .  The delete icon is also available when you have opened an e-mail message so you can delete it as soon as you have looked at it if you do not want to keep it.

Deleted e-mails are placed in the Deleted Items folder  where they stay until they are archived or cleared out.  You can resurrect a deleted e-mail from this folder by opening the Deleted Items folder and either dragging the e-mail into your Inbox or clicking your right mouse button on the subject line of the e-mail and choosing Move to Folder  or holding down CTRL and SHIFT and V together. If you use this method, a window will appear where you can choose the folder to move the e-mail to. 

If you are happy for Outlook to empt y your Deleted Items folder when you exit Outlook you can set this through the Tools menu and Options window by clicking on the Other tab.

You can empty the Deleted Items folder at any time by clicking your right mouse button on the folder in the Folder List and choosing Empty “Deleted Items” Folder from the menu that appears.

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