Outlook Contacts

The Contacts  folder allows you to organise everyone you deal with, storing their e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers and more.  A typical Contact folder layout is shown below

You can open one of these contacts by double-clicking the entry in the Contacts folder, this will enable you to change or add new details for that contact.

You can add your contacts and other items within Outlook to categories which you can define yourself if necessary.  If you click on the Categories button you will see a list appear as below and can select the relevant categories for that item.

Once you have assigned categories for your contacts you can use the Organize  button at the top of the Contacts window to change the way your contacts are arranged.  When you have clicked this button, a new section appears above your contacts, click on the Using Views link and you will be able to choose how to layout your contacts from the Change your View list. 

The diagram below shows our contacts laid out by category. You can expand or shrink each category by clicking the + or box to the left of the heading of each category.

It is possible to use the same technique of adding items to categories and then organising your views for calendar items, tasks and notes. You can put e-mail messages into categories but you should then organise them by adding a Categories column to your e-mail folder using the Field Chooser and then sorting by that column

When you are using the Address Card view of your contacts there is a set of buttons on the right hand side of the window which act as an index to help you move around your contacts.  Just click on the letter corresponding to the contact’s surname and, as long as your contact was filed as Surname, Forename you should jump to that section of your contact list.

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