Attaching a File to an e-Mail

One of the most useful features of e-mail is the ability to send files to another person. It does not matter what program was used to create the file but you should be aware that your server may be set up to stop you sending files with extensions like .exe, .bat, etc which could be used to transport viruses.  As an attached file adds a lot of size to your e-mail you  should try to limit attached files to no more than 1-2 Mb.  Some Internet Service Providers may actually refuse to carry attachments that exceed this limit and your e-mail will not be delivered.  Large attached files also take a long time to download if the recipient has a slow internet connection, it would probably be cheaper to write the file onto a CD and post it than to pay the telephone bill when it takes an hour to download. 

If you do want to attach a file to an e-mail you simply need to start a new e-mail and then click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose File or click on the paper clip icon if one is displayed at the top of the window. You will now see the window below where you can navigate around your drives to find the file you want to insert. Click on the file name and then click the Insert button and your file will be attached. 

You will now be returned to your e-mail and you can see the file attached to it. Further files may be attached by using the Insert menu again but remember to try and keep their total size to 1-2 Mb.

If you choose the wrong file or change your mind about sending an attachment, click your right mouse button on the attachment while you are creating the e-mail and choose Remove  from the menu that appears.

When you are happy with your attachments, click the Send button to send your e-mail as normal. When the e-mail arrives the recipient will see a paper clip in the attachments column of their Inbox so they will know there is something attached.  A paper clip symbol also appears in the corner of the e-mail when it is previewed and this can be used to open  the attachment.  However, it is better to double-click the e-mail to open it in its own window, the attachment icon will then be displayed in the message body of the e-mail and you can right-click your mouse on the icon to choose whether to open it or save it.

When you click on an attached file you may be given the choice of opening it or saving it to disk if the type of file is not automatically recognised as one associated with a particular program.  If you cannot open it directly from the e-mail, choose the ‘S ave it to disk’ option and save it somewhere where you will be able to retrieve once you are running the relevant program.

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