Wrapping Text

To wrap text in a cell or selection of cells, first highlight the cells and then click on the Format drop-down menu and choose Cells.  Click on the Alignment tab in the window that appears to see the window shown below .

Click to put a tick in the 'Wrap text' box and click OK, your text will now wrap on to more than one line in these cells to fit within your column width.  It is a good idea to wrap text in column heading cells to obtain more than one line of text as some Excel tools like sorting will not work properly if you have placed your column headings on more than one row.

If you want to force a line break in the text in a cell you can do this by holding down the ALT key and pressing ENTER at the same time instead of pressing Enter on its own as the Enter key will normally place your data in the cell and move to the next cell.  Using ALT+ENTER can help you leave line breaks in the text in your cells as in the example column headings shown below:

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