Creating New Windows and Views

Splitting worksheets and freezing panes is useful when you want to see two different parts of the same worksheet but it is not much help if you want to look at different worksheets alongside each other.  To do this you can open new windows for the same workbook and arrange them so you can see the information you want.  When you have arranged the windows you can save the resulting 'workspace' so that when you open the workbook in future you can see the same view. 

To start creating a workspace , click on the Window drop-down menu and choose New Window.  Repeat this until you have as many windows as areas you will want to view.  You will see that the top of each window is numbered 1, 2, 3, etc to represent the window number.

When you have opened enough windows they will be sitting on top of each other.  Click on the Window drop-down menu again and choose Arrange, a box will appear as below where you can choose the layout you would like.


The Tiled arrangement is probably the most useful, it will arrange the windows evenly over your screen in a grid pattern.  The Horizontal arrangement will place one window on top of another, Vertical will place the windows side-by-side and Cascade will sit the windows on top of each other in an arrangement where you can still see each title bar at the top so you can select the window you want.

The picture above shows four tiled windows, each with a different worksheet tab selected so we can see four different years' data at the same time even though they are in different sheets.  It is even possible to open another spreadsheet file and include this window in the workspace as well.

When you are happy with the arrangement of your workspace and if you would like to open the worksheets in that arrangement again you can save the workspace.

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