Text Format

If you want to force a number to be treated as text you can apply the Text format to it, this may be useful if you have a number with leading zeros that you want to preserve (although you can create a custom format that will add leading zeros) or if you want to prevent Excel from automatically adding in column or row headings such as '2000' when you use Autosum.  If you want to enter a number as text you should format the cell as text before you enter the number otherwise it will still be treated as a number.  If you have already entered the data in the cell, format the cell as Text then click on the cell and press F2 and then press the Enter key to re-enter the data in the cell.  Another way of entering numeric data as text is to type an apostrophe before it when you are entering the text.  The formula bar will show something like 2004 but your spreadsheet will only show the number 2004 left aligned as text.   This can be useful for entering numbers as column headings but preventing them from being added in when the column is totalled with the autosum function.

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