Splitting the Worksheet

If you would like to look at one section of a worksheet at the same time as another you can use the split boxes at the end of the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to place a bar across your worksheet where you want the split.

You will see scroll bars in each section either side of the split and can click your cursor in each section to move around it and enter data.  You can also move between the split panes by pressing your F6 key, pressing SHIFT and F6 together will move in the opposite direction.  The picture below shows a worksheet split so that we can see 1992 and 1994 data at the same time.  The 1993 data is still there, it is below the 1992 data at the top of the split and above the 1994 data at the bottom.  You can edit the worksheet as normal while it is split, the split does not create two separate copies of your data.

To remove the split, drag the split bar up to the top or across to the left of the window and the split box will reappear on the scroll bar as it was before.


You can also keep part of your worksheet stationary by freezing panes.

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