Special Copying Features

Excel has several special copying and pasting features to help you overcome problems you might meet when copying and pasting data.  Most of these are found by clicking on the Edit drop-down menu and choosing Paste Special  after you have copied your data. 

If you want to paste a row to a column, copy the row and then click your cursor in the top cell of a column of blank cells on the worksheet.  Choose the Paste Special function from the Edit drop-down menu and put a tick in the Transpose  box.  When you click OK your data will be pasted down the column in the same order it was arranged in the row.

The other options under the Paste Special window allow you to paste just the values resulting from formulae, comments, formats, column widths, etc.  If you choose the Skip Blanks box then Excel will not paste blank cells over existing cells that contain data, for instance:

copied and pasted over the right hand column using Paste Special and Skip Blanks results in:

If you want to copy only the visible cells that are showing after you have hidden columns or rows or have collapsed an outline you will need to use the special facility to copy visible cells only.

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