The Excel Screen

Here is the Excel Screen.

Some of the icons at the top of the screen are similar to other Microsoft Office packages like Word, e.g. Save  and Open  Document.  The main grid area is called the ‘worksheet’ and there can be several worksheets in a spreadsheet file which are accessed by the tabs at the bottom of the screen.  A file containing several worksheets is called a ‘workbook’.  When performing calculations you can refer to values in the current worksheet, other worksheets in the same workbook and even other worksheets in different workbooks.  At the top of the screen you can see the menu bar containing drop-down menus such as ‘File’, ‘View’, etc and toolbars containing icons representing commonly used functions.

Menu Bar 

The Menu Bar is a standard Microsoft Office Menu Bar, it looks similar to the menus available in Word and other Office packages.  By clicking on one of the menus you can display a drop-down list of functions.  If you see a double arrow at the bottom of the list this means that the list has not fully dropped down, you can either wait a few seconds for it to expand or click the double arrow to see the full menu.

Some choices in the menus may have an arrow beside them pointing to the side, if you hover over an option like this a sub-menu will appear to the side of the menu list so you can choose the appropriate option.  Once you have made a menu selection you may then need to complete a window to finish the process.  If you ever get stuck, the Help function can be found under the Help drop-down menu.

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