Scenario Summary

When you have created several scenarios and want to compare the results you can click on the Summary button in the Scenario Manager window shown below.

A window appears as below where you can choose the cells containing the results that you want to summarise.  In our case only cell B30 contains a result that changes but you can select more than one cell by holding down CTRL while clicking the cells to select them if your scenarios result in several cells changing.

If you have more than one result cell you can choose to create a pivot table from the scenario results, otherwise you can choose a simple scenario summary which will be placed in a separate worksheet.

When we click OK Excel creates the Scenario Summary as shown below .  Notice the outline buttons at the top and side of the worksheet that can be used to expand and collapse the summary’s rows and columns.  You can hide these outline buttons by pressing CTRL and 8 together, if you cannot see the outline buttons press CTRL and 8 to display them.

Because we gave our cells range names the cell names are shown in the summary instead of their references, this helps to make our summary more readable.  If you no longer require a scenario summary you can remove it by simply deleting the worksheet containing the summary.

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