Printing your Spreadsheet

Before you print your spreadsheet you should click on the Print Preview icon to see whether it will print as you expect.  If your spreadsheet does not fit on the page correctly when you preview it then you should use the Page Setup window to change the settings. 

If you only want to print part of your spreadsheet, highlight that area before clicking on the File drop-down menu and choosing Print or set a print area.  In the Print window shown below you can choose the printer you want to print to from the drop-down list at the top (depending on how many printers you have access to) and how many copies you would like.  If you click on the bullet by Selection in the Print what section, only your selected cells will be printed.


By clicking on the Properties button you can set certain printer settings such as which paper tray you want to use and whether you are printing double-sided (on a duplex printer).  There is also a Preview button so you can have a last look at what you are going to print before you commit it to the printer.

If you do not want to print the whole spreadsheet it is best to set a print area in the Sheet section of the Page Setup window before you print your spreadsheet, you may also need to hide some columns and rows if you want two different areas of the spreadsheet to print on one page.

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