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Moving Cells

If you want to move the contents of a cell or range of cells to another location you can use your mouse to drag them to the new position. Highlight the cells and then carefully position your mouse pointer over the edge of the surrounding box as shown below.

Now hold down your left mouse button and drag the cells to their new location. Any formulae in the cells will not be modified so they will contain the same references as they did before you moved them. If you want Excel to update the relative references you should copy the cells instead of moving them.

If you hold down your right mouse button while moving a group of cells a helpful menu appears when you release the button to allow you to choose how to paste your data.

If you want to drag a range of cells to another worksheet you can do this by holding down the Alt key while dragging the edge of the highlighted range.  Move your mouse over the tab of the sheet you want to move the data to and you will enter that sheet, you can now position the data where you want it to go. To copy data using this method, hold down Ctrl and Alt before you drag the highlighted data.

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