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Inserting Pictures

You can add pictures to your spreadsheets to add interest. Excel provides a reasonable selection of clip art or you can insert a picture from one of your own image files. To add a picture, click on an empty cell and then click on the Insert drop-down menu and choose Picture. If you want to use Excel’s clip art you can then choose Clip Art or choose From File if you want to pick your own picture.  There are also other facilities like WordArt and Autoshapes to add graphics to your worksheet.

When you see the clip art window shown below, select a category from the range shown and click on it to find a picture.


When you find the picture you want, click your left mouse button on it and a menu will appear.

Click on the top icon and the picture will be placed in your worksheet, you can now close the Clip Art window. The example below shows a picture inserted in our worksheet:

If you want to resize the picture, make sure you use the corner handles to keep the proportions correct.  You may need to adjust the row height and column widths to fit your spreadsheet around your picture.

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