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Repeating Column Headings

A problem that can occur with very long worksheets is that there are no column headings on the subsequent sheets of your printout, you may also want to repeat row headings when a spreadsheet prints across more than one page. Excel will allow you to choose a row or range of rows to repeat at the top of every page and columns to repeat at the left for row headings.  To set up a repeating row or column, click on the File drop-down menu and choose Page Setup. Click on the Sheet section of the window and you will see the window shown below. 


Click on the small icon at the right hand side of the Rows to repeat at top box and you will be taken back to your spreadsheet. Click anywhere in the row you want to repeat and it will be entered in a box on the screen.  When you are happy, click the small icon on the right hand end of this box and you will be returned to the Page Setup window.

The row reference will now be entered in the box as shown below .


Now when you print preview your spreadsheet you will see the selected row or rows repeated at the top of every page to make reading your data easier.

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