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Copying Formulas

If you have entered a formula in one row you may then want to copy it down the column to calculate the corresponding results for other values. When you copy a formula, Excel will automatically adjust the arguments when it is pasted so that it looks at the corresponding cells when you have moved the location of the formula, this is explained further in the following section.  To copy a formula, place your cursor on the cell containing the formula and either click on the copy icon or hold down your CTRL key and press C at the same time. Now highlight the cell or cells you wish to paste the formula in and either click the paste icon or hold down your CTRL key and press V at the same time. You can also quickly copy a formula into a range above, below or to the left or right of a cell containing a formula by clicking on the cell and dragging the Fill Handle at the bottom right corner of the active cell to cover the cells where you want to paste the formula.

When copying formulas you should be aware that Excel automatically adjusts relative references as you copy.  You may need to consider whether you need to use mixed or absolute references when copying formulas.

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