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Using a Data Entry Form

If you have a list of data you can make Excel automatically bring up a data entry form where you can enter new records that will appear as new rows on the spreadsheet.  To do this, type in the column headings on one row and then enter a couple of rows of your data. Click your cursor anywhere in the entered data and click on the Data drop-down menu and choose Form. Excel should display a window as shown below where you can enter extra rows of information.


Simply type your entries in the boxes, pressing the Tab key to move to the next box. When you have completed one record, press your Enter key and the information will be placed on a new row at the bottom of your spreadsheet. You can use this data entry form to scroll backwards and forwards through your data and you can also delete a record by displaying it in the data entry boxes and clicking the Delete button. You can also click the Criteria button and then type a value or values you want to find in the data entry boxes.  Click the Find Next button and Excel will find the next record that matches all the set criteria. If Excel makes an error beep and fails to find a matching record this may be because you are at the end of your data.  Click the Find Prev button and Excel will find the previous matching record.

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