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Adding Data Series

The easiest way to add an extra series of data to a chart is to copy and paste it.  We have a chart for the year 2000 rainfall below and now want to add data for the years 2001 to 2003. If we highlight the data as shown below we can then click on the Copy icon (or press CTRL and C) to copy the data.

Click on the existing chart and then click on the Edit drop-down menu and choose Paste Special (not the normal Paste function).  A window appears as below where you can set up the series to be added.

As we have highlighted the column headings we can tick the box for Series Names in First Row.  When we click OK the new series are added to the chart as shown below.

Watch out in case your line chart type is a stacked line chart.  If your values do not plot correctly then you may need to change the chart type back to a simple line chart by selecting a series and then clicking the right mouse button and choosing Chart Type, when the Line type has been chosen the chart should now show the correct values plotted.

You can also highlight and add extra series by dragging the edge of the highlighted data to move the series onto your chart area. When your cursor is over the chart a plus sign + will appear beside the mouse arrow, when you release your mouse button the extra series will be added to your chart as above.

Another way of adding extra series to your chart is to click on an existing series (line) and then click your right mouse button and choose Source Data.   You will now see the window shown below and can click the Add button to add a new series.

Type a name for your series in the Name box or click the red icon at the right hand end of the box and then click on a cell containing the name for that series (e.g. a column heading). A box will appear on your worksheet containing the reference for the cell you have clicked as shown below, when you have finished click the red icon at the right hand end of this box.

You will now be returned to the Series window and can click the icon at the right hand end of the Values box and select the range of cells containing the values you want to plot. Do not include column or row headings or these will also be plotted as values. When you have finished highlighting the range you will need to click at the right hand end of the box as you did for the Name values and your series will now be set up as shown below. You can also use the Source Data window to resolve problems with your series like lack of legend labels or the wrong range of data being plotted. You can also select a series and click on the Remove button to remove it completely from your chart, this will not delete the original data.

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