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Changing Perspective for 3D Charts

If you have created a 3D chart you can rotate and tip it to view it from different angles. The example below shows a 3D column chart of the rainfall from 2000 to 2003. 

To make it easier to see the series we could make the chart deeper.  To do this, select a data series by clicking on it or using the Chart Object Selector on the Chart Toolbar and then press CTRL + 1.  Click on the Options section of the window and you can increase the chart depth to make it wider as shown below. 

To change the angle from which the chart is viewed you can rotate it by clicking once on the walls to select it and then holding down your CTRL key while dragging one of the corners.  Here is the chart after making the base deeper and rotating it.

By clicking your right mouse button over the walls and floors of the 3D chart you can choose to shade them in different colours or add a texture in the same way as you can format a data series.  You can even add a picture to the walls or floor of your chart!

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