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Using Pictures in Charts

To make your chart more interesting to the eye you can change columns to stacked pictures  representing the values.  We are going to use columns of umbrellas to represent umbrella sales.  To change a picture to columns, click on a series of columns and then press CTRL + 1 to bring up the Format Data Series window:

Click on the Patterns section and then click the Fill Effects button.  When you enter the Fill Effects window, click on the Picture section as shown below: 

Click on the Select Picture button and then browse through your files to find the picture you want to use, we have a small picture of a coloured umbrella that was created in Paint. 

When you have selected the picture it will appear in the window as above.  You now need to set whether the picture is stretched to size or stacked, it is normally better to stack.  If you want to use one picture to represent a certain number of units you can set this in the ‘Stack and scale to:’ section.  If you are creating a 3D chart you will also be given the option to apply the picture to certain faces of your 3D columns. 

When you have set up the way in which your pictures should be stacked or stretched, click OK and your chart will be amended.  Repeat this for the other series using different pictures so they can be distinguished.  The completed chart is shown below. 

By making the appropriate lines the same colour as the pictures you can make it easier for the user to determine which lines and pictures are for the same time period.

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