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The Chart Toolbar

When you have created a chart the chart toolbar can be used to modify various items.  If you have difficulty selecting a data series or axis you can use the chart item selector at the left-hand end of the toolbar to pick the item you want to modify.  You can then click on the Format icon to change the settings (e.g. line colour, line thickness, etc).  To change the chart type you can select a series and then use the Chart Type icon to select a different kind of graph.  The Legend icon can be used to show or hide the legend and there is an icon for showing or hiding a data table .  There are two icons for setting your chart to plot the selected data by rows or columns , this can be useful in more complicated charts such as 3D graphs if your data does not appear as expected.  Finally, the icons for angling text upward or downward can be used to rotate your axis labels by 45.

If you accidentally close the chart toolbar you can display it again by clicking on the View drop-down menu and choosing Toolbars and then Chart.

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