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Formatting Chart Text

To format the text of your titles, data labels, axes or legend you can click on the title, labels, axis or legend to bring up the handles or text box around them or select them using the Chart Object Selector on the Chart Toolbar.  You can now either click your right mouse button on the selected item and choose the Format option (e.g. Format Data Labels, Format Legend, etc) or click the Format icon on the Chart Tool bar or press CTRL + 1 together.  You can now choose the Font section of the window that appears and set the size, typeface and emphasis for your text.

It is also possible to use this window to change the number format for your labels, this can be useful if you want to reduce the number of decimal places displayed, format labels as currency or display a date in a particular way, e.g. month in full as shown below.

The data for this graph consists of the dates 1/1/00, 1/2/00, 1/3/00, etc but by using the custom format 'mmmm' for the x-axis we can make Excel display the dates as months only.  See the section on formatting cells in Excel for more information on custom formats, etc.

When formatting the chart title it is possible to just select part of the text to format.  In the Font section of the formatting window for the chart title it is possible to make text superscript or subscript to provide special effects.


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