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Changing the Chart Background Colour

Often when you create a chart there is a grey plot area behind the chart as in the example below. To remove this, click on the grey square plot area until the handles appear in the corners or select Plot Area from the Chart Item selector on the Chart Toolbar and then press CTRL + 1 or click the Format icon on the Chart Toolbar. A window appears as shown below where you can set the border and fill colours for the plot area.

If you set both the border and area to None, the grey square will disappear and you will see your pie chart on its own as shown below.

If you would like a coloured background for the whole chart area then you can click in the white area around the chart so that the main chart area handles appear or choose Chart Area from the Item Selector on the Chart Toolbar. If you now press CTRL + 1 or click the Format icon on the Chart Toolbar a menu will appear with the option Format Chart Area. If you choose this option you can set the fill and border colours for the whole area and apply a shaded or patterned background to your whole chart.

If you click on the Fill Effects button there are various textured backgrounds available as shown below and you can even bring in a picture for the background by clicking on the Picture tab.

Here is a chart with a textured background.



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