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Columns, Rows and Cells

A worksheet is made up of rows and columns.  Row headings are numerical, ranging from 1 to 65,536.  Column headings are alphabetical, starting with A through Z, then AA through AZ, then BA through BZ, and so on until IV is reached.  This means that up to 256 columns are available.

The intersection of a row and a column is a cell.  Cells are the locations where you input data or formulas.  Each cell has a unique cell reference which is obtained by taking the column heading and the row heading.  For example, cell C3 is at the point where column C and row 3 cross.  The column heading precedes the row heading in a cell reference.

Cell C3

When you have clicked your mouse in a cell the border becomes darker, this cell is the active cell.  By dragging your mouse over a range of cells you can select the range together and then cut, copy or format them together.  An entire column or an entire row  can be selected by clicking the column or row heading.  For example, clicking the column heading C selects the entire column C.

Column C Selected

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