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Creating Tables

When you have created your database you can start creating a table from the database window shown below:

Field Definition

Make sure that you are in the Tables section of the database window, if you are not you can click on the Tables option at the left-hand side of the window to go to that section.  Now make sure the optionCreate Table in Design View’ is selected as above and click the Open option at the top left of the window.  A table now appears as below and you can enter details to define your fields.  A number of fields which have been defined are shown below.  Note how you can click on the arrow to the right of the Data Type box to choose the field type.  If you create a Text field, you should also enter a length for that field in the Field Size box at the bottom of the screen.

You can type in almost any field name you want as long as it is not too long.  Field names can contain spaces and do not have to be all upper case.  When you have created as many fields as you need, click on the floppy disk icon and enter a name for your table as below.

When you click on OK to save your table you will see a window appear as below asking you if you want to create a primary key.  We will not create a primary key at the moment, this topic is covered in the section on the primary key.  Click the No button to prevent a primary key being created.

When you have saved your table you can close the field definition window by clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner of that window and you will now see your new table listed in the Tables section of the database window as below.

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