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Searching a Database

If you are viewing a table or form in your database and want to find a certain record it can be helpful to use Access's search facility.  To start a search, click your mouse in the field you want to search by and then either click the Search icon or click on Edit -> Find or press CTRL + F.  A window appears where you can enter the text you are looking for, you do not have to enter the whole field, you can just enter a piece of text that you want to match anywhere or at the start of the field.  The example below shows the search facility being used to find a surname starting with Mc.  If you click the More button at the bottom right-hand side of the window you will be able to set some extra options on how to search.  Always check the Match box to see whether Access is looking to match the whole field, the Any Part of Field option can be very useful on occasion.

The Search window also has a Replace section which you can use to carry out Find and Replace operations in a similar way to other Office applications such as Word.  The example below shows the Administration department being changed to Services: