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Entering Data

Now that you have created a table you can start entering data.  In the Tables section of the database window, select your table (Employees in this case) and click the Open button on the right hand side of the window.  You can now enter data in this table as below.  You can either click on each field with your mouse to enter data or use the TAB key to move across the table.  When you have entered one record (a whole row), pressing the TAB key will take you on to the next row to enter a new record.  The example below shows 4 employees’ records.  If you make an error you can click on that field once to place the flashing cursor there so you can delete text or enter more text, if you double click on a field the whole field is highlighted and you can re-enter all the data in that field or press Delete to leave that field blank.

NOTE - If you made an error in your field definition, your table may not contain all the fields you wanted to define or may have errors in some fields, eg they may not be long enough to hold your data.You will need to return to the table design window and amend the definitions or add new fields to your table, see the section on Correcting Field Definition Errors.

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